Improving the Lives of People and Their Communities

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In brief

  • Founded 1887 in Sweden
  • Listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange
  • 2014 revenues: USD 21B
  • A Fortune 500 company
  • 10,000 ongoing projects

Business streams

Financial strength

We invest our equity to make sure that our promise to provide a sustainable, one-of-a-kind project is fully delivered and exceeds our client’s and society’s expectations


2014 Numbers:

  • Skanska AB Revenue: USD 21B
  • Committed equity: USD +600M
  • Gross present value of project portfolio: USD 761M

Infrastructure Development

Skanska is one of the world's leading development companies with Public Private Partnerships in our home markets in the Americas and Europe.

Our mission is not only to build what communities need, but, more importantly, to improve peoples' every day lives.

The PPP concept

  • A procurement method to stretch public dollars with private investment to create or rebuild infrastructure
  • Long-term contractual partnership with government entities, private investors, construction firms, and asset and operations managers
  • Requires a long-term repayment stream
    • User fee (tolls)
    • Annual availability payment from the government client
  • Transfer of major projects risks from public to private sector
  • Asset reverts to public sector at end of concession at zero cost
    • Typical concession length – 25 – 50 years

Why Skanska for PPP projects?

We look at public private partnerships as more than equity investments - we build it, operate it and maintain it, too.

  • Financial strength: with one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry, we are here to stay.
  • Financing: because of our financial strength we are in the ideal position to help our clients fund major projects.
  • Local benefits:
    • For Users:
      • Access to better infrastructure for living, traveling and working
      • Infrastructure maintained in top condition throughout its life
    • For Clients:
      • Risk transfer
      • Performanced-based, allows for innovation
      • High standards of maintenance and operation
      • Fixed-price, date certain
      • Asset is handed back in excellent condition at the end of the contract
  • Seamless integration: our development and construction units are fully integrated, providing clients a unique advantage. Seamless integration fosters innovation and whole-life solutions

Benefits to clients:

  • Cost savings and accelerated delivery
  • More efficient management
  • Maintained public control and collaborative approach
  • High quality infrastructure delivered, managed effectively throughout its life
  • High standards of maintenance and operation
  • Risk transfer

Optimized allocation of risks

Benefits to users:

  • Access to better infrastructure for living, traveling and working
  • Infrastructure maintained in top condition
  • Involve and support the local economy and workforce

How PPP works

How-PPP-works Special Purpose Company Supplier Operator Lenders Customer/User Concession Public Entity

Two compensation models